Candle Painting Kit
Barewax Candle Bar

Candle Painting Kit

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Create memories using our loved Candle Painting Kit. The Candle Painting Kit is perfect to do with a partner, friends, family, or even just for you.

1. Light your desired colored tealight candle and let burn through until the entire top surface has melted
2. Carefully dip your brush into the wax to retrieve color being careful not to touch the flame
3. Paint your design onto the white pillar candle and allow to dry

Each kit comes with the following:
2 white unscented pillar candles (5 inches each)
5 heart-shaped unscented tealight candles in red, purple, blue, yellow, and green.
Tealight wax colors available in "pastel" or "vibrant".
2 paint brushes